“If you are on your dissertation journey, reach out to Dr. Malinsky. You will thank yourself for using her services. I can unequivocally attest to her ability to guide you through and make your dissertation journey seamless.”

Hilary Aza, Ph.D., PMP, PgMP, PfMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, ITIL, COBIT, Lead Project Manager – eGovernment Portfolio at Tarrant County. Nova Southeastern University.  

“My first phone call with Dr. Kat Malinsky was life changing. She knew all the right questions to ask about me: work, school, aspirations. Several tears later, a nurturing relationship was born. Dr. Kat’s support through the writing of my dissertation proposal allowed me to explore my strengths and weaknesses in a trusting, respectful, and compassionate environment. Her guidance nurtured my budding confidence and inspired me to be greater than myself. We created a new, more whole version of “me” in our time together. We laugh when we refer to the “old Lindsay,” but this is such a provocative metaphor to what her coaching has done for me…together we created a writer and a scholar who was enjoying the dissertation process!”

-Dr Lindsay Padilla, Podcast Host of Academics Mean Business, Digital Course Consultant, Creator of the world’s first TA Agency. University of San Francisco.

“Dr. Kat Malinsky is an excellent dissertation coach who is genuinely concerned about helping her clients succeed and progress in the dissertation process. The dissertation process is not easy and there were times when I felt overwhelmed and stressed. However, the advice and support of Dr. Malinsky not only boosted my self-confidence in my abilities to work through the dissertation process, but also boosted my productivity. Dr. Malinsky is certainly familiar with the dissertation process and her expertise as a dissertation coach helped me to set realistic goals and break down the dissertation process into chunks that were manageable. I highly recommend Dr. Kat Malinsky as a dissertation coach.”

-Roxine Phillips, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty at University of West Alabama. Walden University


“Dr. Kat was extremely instrumental in helping me to succeed in completing my doctoral dissertation. She is detail oriented, made the necessary connections between my ideas and academic theories, and helped me to organize my thoughts and writings into a comprehensive well-thought out academic manuscript. I highly recommend Dr. Kat if you are writing a dissertation, as she made this process tolerable, manageable, and meaningful.”

-Gayle (Shapiro) Plessner, Ph.D. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Pacifica Graduate Institute.

“Thanks to Dr. Kat, I finished my dissertation! Dr. Kat helped me create a timeline and break the paper into “doable” chunks. She read each draft and gave suggestions to improve my writing and organization. She helped me decipher feedback from my advisors and incorporate it into the next draft. Most importantly, she not only coached me through the writing, but emotionally as well. Through positive feedback, she gave me confidence in my own ability. I highly recommend Dr. Kat to anyone who needs support.”

-Sydney Bueno, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education at University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point Claremont. Graduate University. 



“When I started my doctoral dissertation, I was unsure of where I was going with my topic or how to get there. That is when I found Dr. Kat. She calmed my fears and assured me that I was not alone. I found her to be everything a coach should be. She provided constructive criticism, complimented me, challenged me, and inspired me. When needed, she corrected my course by letting me know that I was “wandering into the fog”, and she was so insightful. I found that my research and writing skills immensely improved during the time we worked together. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with her on my dissertation journey and I owe a debt a gratitude as she assisted me so much in achieving success in the completion of my dissertation and my doctoral goals. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach that will get you to the finish line and ensure that you meet your goals.”

-Anthony Minge, Ed.D., Partner, Fitch & Associates. Argosy University, Dallas